We can't wait to meet you!

We are Kathryn Nee and Julia Duffy, the dynamic duo that makes up Atlanta Wedding Artistry! 

One thing that is very important to us is that we believe equality rocks!  Nothing makes us happier than people in love.


With backgrounds in photojournalism and fine art, we developed a passion for Wedding Photography over the years and decided to do something with it.  We feel that it's truly a gift to be part of your Wedding Day  


 When you choose Atlanta Wedding Artistry, you will be getting two Professional Photographers on your big day, not  one professional and a lesser trained understudy.  We work as a team and make sure all the bases are covered and every beautiful, candid, witty, and heartwarming moment is captured.


Anything can happen on your wedding day. Rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, heat waves, unexpected guests (awkward), and loose ends that didn't get tied.  No matter what, we are with you every step of the way.






 Julia Duffy is an artist specializing in event and portrait photography.  As an artist and photographer, Julia is dedicated to capturing your moments in a way that draws you and yours into the scene as it unfolds. She specializes in the documentary style of photography that captures the real moments of your day. She is a locally trained photographer with a worldwide reputation in her field. Her experience includes working with the Mobile Alabama City group for Mardi Gras, International horse racing in Ireland, various Atlanta based film studios, individual portrait clients, Weddings and local charity events throughout Georgia.


Kathryn Nee is an award winning fine art and portrait artist based in Atlanta. 

Kathryn has had numerous publishings that include National Geographic, Lenscratch, Atlanta Photographic Society, Northside Bride, David Magazine, Sports Gwinnett, F-Stop Magazine, Filter Photo,

and All About Photo.com

In addition to multiple awards and publishings, Kathryn has hosted gallery exhibits in the Atlanta area in addition to having work being exhibited in fine art galleries all over the United States.

Kathryn is a member of the Atlanta Photographic Society,

the biggest Leonard Cohen fan ever, adores tattoos, and all things turquoise and vintage. 


If you've checked out our work and like our photojournalistic and candid approach to 
photography, please shoot us an email to schedule a Skype chat, phone call or to meet in person!
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